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June Product Updates: Charlie gets Toned

We all have aspirations of getting toned for our summer body, and Charlie is no different. We’ve been conducting interviews with Charlie Trainers since we launched, and turning that feedback into new tricks for Charlie. Read on to hear a bit more about Charlie’s new capabilities, and what’s to come.

If you prefer to listen or watch, here’s a summary of the updates in Video Form on our YouTube channel!

Quality of Outputs
Feedback: We’ve heard that there wasn’t enough variability in what Charlie produced, and that it was too “Used Car Salesman” in style.

Product Update: We adjusted our prompts for Charlie to generate content, and refined his outputs with new data.

The Result: We’re seeing more and more users able to use Charlie’s content for their needs with minimal edits.

Tone matters
Feedback: The number is tones is too few, and doesn’t seem to make much different in the final output.

Product Update: We’ve added a number of new tones (see image below) that really push the possibility of AI content writing forward.

New Tones for Charlie

The Result: We have the first commercially available organic storytelling tone on the market (See influencer tone) and some amazingly fun new tones that make working with Charlie as fun as playing with a Puppy.

Brand Name
Feedback: Many users wanted to see Brand Name as a separate input that is more heavily favored in generated content, or to test new product names in their E-commerce portfolio.

Product Update: We’ve updated our UI to have Brand Name as a separate input in the Generate tool

The Result: Charlie better incorporates your brand or product name in his generated content.

Image2Caption: Card Previews & Generation Speed
Feedback: Images alone don’t generate quality content, and often times I can’t see what image was used to generate content. Image2Caption also takes a ton of time to generate.

Product Update: We’ve added image previews in each content generation card, and vastly improved the speed of generating user image inputs.

The Result: A much faster and higher quality Image2Caption experience.

Edit in Card
Feedback: Users didn’t want to paste their content elsewhere to make edits or store it.

Product Update: We added an edit button so users could capture edits and save edited content.

The Result: Users can now build content playlists that incorporate Charlie’s advanced capabilities and their own creative layers.

What’s coming?
We continue to improve the product based on your feedback, and where we see opportunity for AI to enable our users creativity. The next 6 months will see significant updates, but here are a few tricks we’re teaching Charlie:

  • Direct Posting to Social Platforms: Direct posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, and other social platforms will come
  • Image2Caption 3.0: Charlie will be able to read the text within images for super complex photos, and smart determine what text to use as part of the inputs for his content generation.
  • Trends & Recommendations: We’re hearing people don’t want to start from a blank cursor. We’re looking to build a recommended hashtags and content recommendation functionality to help with the Idea stage of content creation.
  • Video2Caption 1.0: Have a video, but don’t know what to write about it to engage your target audience. Let Charlie do the heavy lifting and process your video to create high quality and engaging content in all the tones you love.


Thank you to you all for your input, and never fear to send me an email at Brennan@gocharlie.ai if you have additional ideas.

P.S. Keep up to date with all new product updates in our Facebook Community.

Happy Generating,

-Brennan Woodruff, Co-founder and COO at GoCharlie.ai

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