Introducing Charlie: Your New Resident AI Marketer

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Introducing Charlie: Your New Resident AI Marketer!

Charlie got an upgrade

Charlie: A Marketer’s New Best Friend

We’re excited to announce that Charlie has completed his puppy training, and is now cleared to play with the public! The team has been hard at work to go from an idea in January to a product by May. Charlie is the world’s first and only multimodal AI engine tailored to marketing. Charlie helps anyone draft optimal social media marketing content by converting photos into perfect ad copy, generating posts and ads using keywords and tone, analyzing content for optimal structure or audience appeal, and providing personalized responses to reviews or comments. As a gift to our new users, anyone can sign up for a free 7 day trial at GoCharlie.ai.

Whether via Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube — small businesses, influencers, and social media marketers building brands must constantly create and release a steady stream of unique engaging content to build and sustain meaningful connections with customers. With an ever increasing number of marketing channels, but no increase in marketing budget or headcount, marketers are looking to tools to help mitigate the costs of context switching, lack of subject matter expertise, and reviewers eye to ensure content is best structured. We built Charlie to help solve their problems, and will continue to do so.

How does it work?

We trained Charlie on a new approach to content marketing, called GEAR. Charlie helps Generate, Enhance, Analyze, and Respond to content across the entire customer journey. Charlie’s training involved learning best in class marketing principles and evaluating millions of top performing social media posts to ensure all content being created helps businesses convert their target audience into customers, and customers into brand advocates. Charlie’s powerful AI capabilities allow you to:

  • Generate ready-to-post social media marketing content in seconds after ingesting user input images, industry, desired tone, and keywords.
  • Enhance and restructure existing or newly generated content with a different tone, content length, or formality.
  • Analyze content by evaluating sentiment and demographic appeal among other criteria to easily understand how well your content may perform and receive actionable recommendations for content improvement.
  • Respond to page comments and product reviews using contextually specific AI response capabilities.
Check out Charlie’s Multimodal capabilities!

We envision the future of marketing will be driven by Multimodal AI. Multimodal generative AI processes data from multiple informational modalities at once, like image and video, then creates new and unique content. We hope you enjoy playing with your new resident AI marketer, Charlie.

Kostas Hatalis
Founder & CEO of GoCharlie.ai

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