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After a short hiatus from the working world, I’ve decided to join GoCharlie.AI. A few years ago, the thought of AI generating marketing copy, understanding human emotion, coding landing pages, generating images, and creating videos was science fiction. The exponential progress in AI development has enabled this tech to become a reality, but we’re still in the early innings. When my friend Dustin connected me with Kostas and Despina I fell in love with their vision to create a proprietary multi-modal Generative AI engine. I’m confident if we execute GoCharlie.AI can become a leader in the Generative AI industry.

For many businesses, generating quality content is expensive in both real dollars and time invested. Even once created, it’s hard to know if content will perform well with your audience. Enter Charlie, our Generative AI engine, which allows users to create engaging content instantly. Starting with text and later expanding to images and videos, GoCharlie will revolutionize how businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs create personalized and engaging content to drive commerce.

My decision to join GoCharlie.AI can be summed up as follows:

1. Cutting edge Generative AI feels like Magic

The best technology feels like Magic. Uber allowed one to push a button and get a car. Generative AI allows users to push a button and create anything. I’m excited to work with such a talented team to bring this Magic to the masses.

2. Capitalizing on Permanent Trends

GoCharlie.AI is building products that capitalize on several macro trends spurred along by Covid:

  • Future of Work: Enterprises will be leaner generalist teams wearing multiple hats and use a host of tools that create artisan outputs.
  • E-Commerce Boom: Professionals are opting to be their own boss by operating virtual storefronts requiring content to drive engagement and sales for their brand
  • Rise of the Creator Economy: People are using the internet to monetize their unique talents creating a need for tools that can adapt to their voice through continued use

3. Helping the small guy

Both my parents operated their own business, and I’ve seen first hand the struggle that can come with growing a business without a dedicated marketing professional. GoCharlie.AI is focused on creating products to make entrepreneurship a more achievable reality for all.

I’m excited to embark on this journey, but no journey is quite as fun if you go it alone. If you’re interested in staying up to date with our progress, including our commercial launch, sign up for updates at GoCharlie.AI.

P.S. We’re fundraising for our pre-seed round and building our advisory board, so if you’re an angel, friend, advisor or investor DM me or e-mail me to find out more.


Brennan Woodruff

Chief Operating Officer l GoCharlie.AI

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