Charlie 2.0: Enter the Multimodal Charlieverse of Madness

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Charlie 2.0: Multimodal Charlieverse of Madness

When we launched our MVP of Charlie on May 2022 we didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect. We were learning on the fly, implementing the foundations of a product-led growth strategy, and learning the complexities of deploying AI models that scale and consistently deliver high-quality content. We were a puppy in our company’s evolution.

4 months, 100s of customer calls, lots of caffeine, and many broken models later, we’re excited to show you the next evolution of Charlie. We’re buiding Charlie to be a Content Creation engine that can go across mediums to help you deliver highly engaging marketing content. We’re proud to say that Charlie 2.0 is a massive puppy bound towards that goal.

Charlie 2.0 represents a step change in our models capabilities. Charlie 2.0 improves upon the existing ability to create and score social media content by adding:

  • 1 Click Blogs
  • Blog Wizard
  • Image Creation
  • Image to Alt Text
  • Image 2 Ad
  • 60+ Text Based Use Cases

The types of content that Charlie can create in the text space are vastly expanded, while keeping a UX that is consistent across templates. With Blogs and ideation use cases, we’ve added the ability to go beyond ad-based content to longer form pieces that help you establish credibility as a subject matter expert in your field.

Let’s get Visual

That said, we had a breakthrough in our Image generation capabilities. While this product is in its infacy, the results are already astounding, and move us closer to being able to generate any type of content no matter your desired content medium. I can’t wait to show you where the next iteration of Images is going to take your content marketing efforts.

A Greek Restaurant at sunset
An upscale hotel lobby with a cocktail bar
A Puppy Typing on a Computer

Lastly, we recognize that the future is content goes across modality. Canva, Instagram, and TikTok’s success’ signal the increasingly visual nature of content creation to engage customers. To further bring together our text and image based tools, we now allow users to create text from a created image, or create an image from generated text. In the future we expect to add even more content medium crossovers to reach our end goal: Start from anywhere and end anywhere, text, image, video, or audio based.

In card creation capabilities

With these new tools, it will be even easier to engage your new audience with high-quality marketing content, and grow your sales.

We’re still super early, but the ride to date has been amazing.

Thanks for Going Charlie,

The GoCharlie.ai Founding Team

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