The 3 Layers of the Generative AI Content Customization Cake 🍰

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The 3 Layers of the Generative AI Content Customization Cake

Generative Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is a term that is hard to miss these days. When it comes to marketing, copywriting, and content creation it has significantly reduced the time to create content for businesses.

The first wave of generative AI tools started coming out last year such as Jasper and Copy.ai. Using simple inputs like your product name and description you could generate emails, captions, and blogs in seconds or minutes. While these generative AI tools allow you to create content fast at scale, their content is often generic and is the same for everyone.

If you want to create content that uniquely carries your voice, style while targeting a specific channel or audience you would need to pay an expensive agency or spend considerable time editing your AI content yourself.

But what if your content could dynamically adapt to your brand, goals, audience, publishing channel and more? GoCharlie.ai is part of the second wave of generative AI tools that adapts to and learns from users to create customized and higher performing content, without sacrificing speed. At GoCharlie.ai we’re building this customization in layers. Specifically we are building a 3 layer content customization cake. So grab your forks, as we’re going to dive into the sugary goodness of each layer, why they matter, and how we’re planning to get there.

The Base Layer: User Inputs Basic Information

The first layer of our cake is your traditional vanilla customization. A user inputs information including their brand or product name, brand or product description, seo keywords and target audience. Charlie would take these inputs and turn that into high quality text based upon the type of content you want to create.

Example: We want to create a Facebook Ad for GoCharlie.ai.

  • Our inputs:
    • Brand/Product Name: GoCharlie.ai
    • Brand/Product Description: Content Creation as fun as playing with a puppy
    • Language: English
  • Output:
    • Are you tired of creating mediocre content? Introducing GoCharlie.ai, the best AI content creation tool on the market! With our easy-to-use interface, you’ll be able to produce high-quality content in no time at all. Don’t miss out on this must-have tool for your digital marketing arsenal! Get started today and see the difference GoCharlie.ai makes for your business.

This is great, especially considering Charlie creates 4 outputs at once, but at times it can feel like short-form copy is just a template rather than emphasizing the power of the underlying technology. This also requires the user to input information every time they want to create content.

This level of customization is available in most Generative AI tools today. But what if Charlie could learn your tendencies, writing style, brand voice, goals, target audience and more and imbue that into the content you create together? Let’s dive into the fudge filled center of this content creation cake.

The Filling: Brand Voice Adaptation & Goals (Customized to our Customers)

Everyone loves a vanilla base layer (or red velvet anyone?), but the real way to make a cake your own is to bring your own unique filling to the mix: Your brand voice, brand playbook, and goals. This is how people experience your business, so shouldn’t your AI incorporate it? By having Charlie adapt to your brand and goals you’ll be able to create content that is uniquely yours and customized to your needs.

Brand voice can be defined directly by specifying brand keywords, tone and style or letting Charlie figure it out by providing him with past content that conveys your special voice. Brand playbooks further refine how Charlie customizes your content by specifying your logo and colors to use in image generation, values to convey in your messaging, fonts for blogs and email, and so forth.

Equally important to capturing your band voice is specifying your marketing goals or objectives. These would range from increasing brand awareness or website traffic to maximizing engagement. Further customization can be to specify the emotions you want to elicit in your content.

This level of customization is only possible for the second wave of Generative AI companies as it requires advanced proprietary models and software layers that enable brand level adaptation. Over time Charlie will start to adapt to more advanced inputs such as style and marketing objectives, and eventually Charlie will start to infer and learn directly from users past content and directives.

The Icing: Dynamic Content for the end viewer (Customizing our Customers content for their Customers)

So now that we’ve built the innards of our delectable customization cake, it’s time to put the icing on it. The icing is the layer that is customized to whomever is receiving the cake. Just like an embarrassing birthday tidings written in sugar laced lore, your content should be customized to whoever is experiencing it. This layer of the cake is what grabs attention. It’s all about customizing our customer’s content for each of their customers while being relevant and trendy.

For example, Brennan really likes witty twitter thread style content with creative visuals. Kostas likes more technically dense academic style content. A company selling services to startups would love to have content that appeals to my Twitter Thread affliction, and gives Kostas a more technically sound set of prose on the pros and cons of using their solution. Generative AI should be able to take that company’s understanding of us as end users, and adjust the content we view based upon this. This is hyper personal customization at a scale that is not even possible by the best marketing agencies.

Adding another flavor to the icing, trends are top of mind for anyone creating content. If your content is dated, out of touch with local pop culture your message may not resonate with your target audience. Trends can be incorporated based upon the users profile and imbued into the end content served to our users customers.

To fully realize the vision of this layer, there are two approaches we see that are ripe for Generative AI:

  1. User Driven: In the not so distant future, user’s could set their content preferences, and a generative AI app would filter all information being served to them through their device to be fine tuned to their set preferences for content topics, structure, and more.
  2. Enterprise Driven: In the enterprise driven version, enterprises would use their increasingly large troves of data available about customers to better optimize what content to serve them, what products to recommend, and adjust their product suites to user preferences.

Bringing it all together

Right now, existing generative AI products have built the vanilla base layer of the cake. This is no small feat, and there’s still a ton of improvement to be had in that vanilla bean flavoring.

But we at GoCharlie.ai see even more potential in customizing content for customers. We are building these capabilities to have the unique ingredients required for the second layer, with a delicious layer of icing to fast follow. We welcome you to join us for the second wave of Generative AI companies as the space heats up.

P.S. Sorry that we made you hungry for cake now. 🍰

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