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How To Use AI For Realtors

Get social media posts and an email outreach template from any listing on the internet, in seconds with GoCharlie.

Are you a realtor looking for ways to streamline your business and make your life easier? GoCharlie is the perfect platform for you to create content surrounding your listings. In a matter of seconds it can take your listings URL and create everything you need, including:

  • Social media posts
  • Email templates for outreach
  • Organizing open house schedules
  • Brainstorming customer profiles
  • Research comparable listings
  • Research and create neighborhood profiles
  • Repurpose listings into new content to help you promote your listing

Intrigued? Let’s walk you through an example.

Let Charlie make you social media posts and an email template for reaching out to customers based off your listing’s URL.



Act like a realtor and create social media posts, and an outreach email about this listing (listing URL)



Edit any information you’d like, maybe add your contact info or include open house dates.


Post directly to your social media channels. New platforms coming every week.

Other prompts for real estate agents:

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