How To Use AI For E-Commerce

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How To Use AI For E-Commerce

As an e-commerce seller, are you looking to scale your business and make the marketing process easier? GoCharlie is the ultimate platform to effortlessly create product content that drives sales.

In just seconds, GoCharlie can take any product URL and generate everything you need surrounding it, including:

  • Repurpose URL product listings into Posts & Blogs
  • Organizing open house schedules profiles
  • Create landing page copy with Key words
  • Build Advertising content, including hedlines and taglines

Intrigued? Let’s walk you through an example.

Let Charlie make you social media posts and an email template for reaching out to customers based off your product’s URL.



Make a blog post and social media posts of this product link (Product link). Make it in a (Tone of Voice)



Check for detail and add any other information you’d like.


Post directly to your social media channels. New platforms coming every week.


Copy and past into any blog site, and the formatting will automatically transfer!

Best AI Prompts for E-Commerce

On brand, ready to publish content in SECONDS

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