Morning Brew’s The (Early) Guide for Marketers: How AI Can Improve Brand Voice and Storytelling

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Audio Transcribed and recapped, by GoCharlie.ai

On a rainy February morning in NYC, Morning Brew hosted an AI themed conference with phenomenal guest speakers covering agencies, AI start ups, retailers, and marketers. The discussion on AI & Brand Voice kicked off with Microsoft Advertising’s Jennifer Kattula and GoCharlie.ai’s Brennan Woodruff. Sharing their experiences using AI tools in their daily work. They both rely heavily on AI for tasks like meeting recaps, email writing, ideation, creative briefs, and overcoming writer’s block.

While AI has become indispensable, they emphasized the importance of training the AI on your brand’s voice and values to produce authentic, on-brand content. Jennifer described experiments feeding brand personality traits into the AI to better capture the right tone.

The human element remains crucial though. The panelists stressed AI should be a collaboration partner, not a full replacement for human oversight and refinement of the AI-generated output. Brennan called this the “last mile” challenge — getting that final polished product in the right format for each channel.

On social media, the AI still struggles with authentic storytelling compared to promotional copy. But the panelists see social becoming a bigger focus for AI use to stay timely and relevant.

Looking ahead, the panelists anticipate more transparency around AI-involvement may be required, though policing it could prove difficult. They also see opportunities, but major challenges in using AI to create inclusive, personalized content for diverse global audiences.

Overall, adopting AI is an ongoing journey of adapting prompts, guardrails, and human workflows. The rewards are efficiency and retention benefits, when positioned as a collaborative aid not a job replacement. As the technology rapidly evolves, up-skilling teams on responsible AI use will be paramount.

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