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Welcome back to this week’s essential AI reads for retailers and happy Tuesday! Thanks for your continued readership 🙂How Retailers are using AI today, tomorrow and beyond


What we learned at NextGen Commerce

Decoding the Future of how we Eat, Shop & Play.

On a humid day last week, GoCharlie sponsored Coresight’s Conference about the future of commerce and today’s newsletter will include share some fantastic insights. It was truly inspiring to see so many forward-thinking minds in retail come together to explore how AI is transforming our industry. We covered a range of exciting topics, from smart data strategies to finding the perfect balance between AI capabilities and human expertise. We also delved into how AI can enhance our brands and customer relationships. Here at GoCharlie, we’re eager to turn these big ideas into practical solutions for your business. We’ve got some great tools and strategies in development to help you tackle data challenges, implement intelligent AI solutions, and create personalized experiences that will delight your customers.

1.Data Readiness and Utilization. Most retailers do not have data organized properly, which is critical for personalization and AI implementation. “Can’t personalize without useful data”.

  • Challenges:
    • Data quality and accessibility
    • Trust in AI-driven categorization
  • How can GoCharlie help?
    • Improving data collection and organization
    • Developing AI tools for data analysis and personalization
    • Creating systems for regular, comprehensive data reviews

Showing the future of retail with GoCharlie’s Co-founder, Brennan Woodruff.

2.Human – AI Collaboration in Retail It’s a delicate balance between AI capabilities and human touch.

  • Challenges:
    • Maintaining human element in AI-driven processes
    • Identifying appropriate use cases for AI vs. human interaction
  • How can GoCharlie help?
    • Identifying appropriate use cases for AI vs. human interaction
    • Training staff to work effectively alongside AI tools

3.AI in Brand Building and Customer Engagement Leveraging AI for brand enhancement and customer connection.

  • Challenges:
    • Balancing AI-driven personalization with brand consistency
    • Ensuring AI-generated content aligns with brand values
  • How can GoCharlie help?
    • Providing customization for incorporating brand voice in all AI generated content
    • Using GoCharlie’s AI to analyze customer data for deeper insights
    • Creating AI-driven systems for real-time customer engagement, like GoCharlies Conversational Commerce chatbots.

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This Week’s Retail AI News

  • Need a stock boost? AI to the rescue at Rent the Runway.
  • Quick reminder that the highest marketing spend is in November, never too early to start optimizing for the holiday season.
  • “Around 80% of CMOs have already deployed GenAI to make internal processes faster, more productive, and less labor intensive, especially in areas such as content creation and social media engagement.” Read More.
  • How do you feel about AI optimized ads? Will this be the solve to the Apple-gate of 2021? Some think it just may.
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