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Charlie loves meeting new people. Become an Affiliate Partner, and introduce your audience to Charlie. Enjoy 25% of lifetime revenue when they sign up!

Step 1: Sign Up and Get your Unique Link

Sign up to be an Affiliate, and receive a unique link that tracks who clicked and purchased.

Step 2: Share your link

Refer Charlie to your friends, followers, and clients and they'll get introduced to the cutest AI on the market.

Step 3: Earn Commission

Make 25% of lifetime revenues for customers you refer to the platform. Use that $$ anyway you want.

Who should be a Partner?

Professional Marketers & Agencies

Do you professionally promote product via content or ads? We'd love to work with you.

Entrepeneurs with complimentary products

Have a complimentary product to promote with or alongside Charlie? PAWESOME.


Customers, Freelancers and Consultants

Want to refer your clients? Help make their life better and make money.


Sounds pretty great doesn't it? Here are the answers to our commonly asked questions.

Your earning potential is unlimited. You make 30% of all referred revenues over the lifetime of the referred customer.

Average Revenue Per User is $100, which means you could make $30 per referral. That grows even more as you refer more customers.

Plans start at $39/month. We will inform all Partners of price changes and new offerings in advance to help you prep materials.

No, self referrals are strictly prohibited and will not be paid out.

That would be PAWESOME! We would love for you to build course materials or service offerings around Charlie. Reach out if you want out help copromoting.

The best Affiliate Marketing is authentic storytelling around how the product has made your life better.

The only limitations on your marketing are that you should never represent yourself as the company, or an extension of the company without specific written consent from us. We’d love to help you build something unique, so reach out to brennan@gocharlie.ai to brainstorm.

The referral cookie life is 30 days. If a user purchases the product past 30 days from the first referred visit, the conversion won’t be tracked anymore.

Payouts are due 30 days after purchase on behalf of the customer. We payout amounts at the beginning of each month, provided payouts are in excess of $100.

Make passive income with Charlie every time you refer a customer

Charlie helps you create the content for you to make 30% off all lifetime referred revenue.