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The 3 Layers of the Generative AI Content Customization Cake 🍰

The 3 Layers of the Generative AI Content Customization Cake Generative Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is a term that is hard to miss these days. When it comes to marketing, copywriting, and content creation it has significantly reduced the time to … Read More

A Month with Charlie 2.0

It’s been a month since we launched Charlie 2.0, and it’s been a heck of a ride. We never envisioned being #1 on ProductHunt, much less the outpouring of love from our customers about the new product updates. Charlie 2.0 … Read More

Charlie Image Model Upgrades: A New Age in AI Content Creation

Hi Fellow Charlie Trainers, Today the GoCharlie.ai team is happy to announce the next version of our Image Creation tool. As visuals have become a necessity in marketing, we are introducing variety to the types of format you can create … Read More

Charlie 2.0: Enter the Multimodal Charlieverse of Madness

Charlie 2.0: Multimodal Charlieverse of Madness When we launched our MVP of Charlie on May 2022 we didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect. We were learning on the fly, implementing the foundations of a product-led growth … Read More

GoCharlie.ai is the best AI Content Creation Tool

GoCharlie.ai is the best AI Content Creation Tool If you’re looking for a content creation tool that can help you create better content, then you should definitely check out GoCharlie.ai. GoCharlie.ai is an AI-powered content creation tool that can help … Read More

One Year of Going Charlie

One year of Going Charlie Hello world! Kostas here, CEO and co-founder of GoCharlie.ai. Along with my cofounder Despina Christou, our Cheif AI Engineer, we formed the company in July 2021 while being part of the Alchemist Accelerator class 28, … Read More

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GoCharlie.ai June Product Updates

June Product Updates: Charlie gets Toned We all have aspirations of getting toned for our summer body, and Charlie is no different. We’ve been conducting interviews with Charlie Trainers since we launched, and turning that feedback into new tricks for … Read More

Recapping our first week at GoCharlie.ai

Recapping our first week We just closed out our first week of operations. Many coffees were consumed, sleep was lost, countless updates were made on the fly, and we wore out the huddle feature on slack. But we did it! … Read More

Introducing Charlie: Your New Resident AI Marketer

Introducing Charlie: Your New Resident AI Marketer! Charlie got an upgrade Charlie: A Marketer’s New Best Friend We’re excited to announce that Charlie has completed his puppy training, and is now cleared to play with the public! The team has … Read More

Why did I Go Charlie?

After a short hiatus from the working world, I’ve decided to join GoCharlie.AI. A few years ago, the thought of AI generating marketing copy, understanding human emotion, coding landing pages, generating images, and creating videos was science fiction. The exponential … Read More