Can GoCharlie create material for very specific niches?

Yes! GoCharlie builds on your knowledge. Can create content for every possible niche, and for any specific occasion. GoCharlie will take your awesomeness and return it to you even more awesome. GoCharlie provides suggestions based on the input it gets. So for every specific occasion it will provide specific suggestions. If something needs some refinement you can always edit it to fit your specific needs. Plus don’t forget to upvote or downvote the results you getting? We won’t take it personally 🙂 By voting thumbs up or down you just helping GoCharlie learn more about you and help it provide you suggestions more close to your needs. The more you use GoCharlie the more time it will be saving for you, since it will be learning more about your needs and wants. You will be creating entire paragraphs of custom qualitative  content more faster than ever before.

I tried other services like yours and sometimes I feel that, even the free version, of other tools create different results than GoCharlie does.

Not every tool is the same. It is very possible that other tools give you different results. GoCharlie is a very sophisticated AI that will create material you can build upon and create your own unique content.

Can GoCharlie create multi-paragraph posts even with minimal input just as a sentence?

GoCharlie can and will create content based on the input it will get. The more quality input you feed it, the more quality suggestions you will get. Whatever the case, GoCharlie will provide you suggestions from where you can build your own unique material. Also while you using it and voting for the result you are getting (if it is what you were looking for or not), GoCharlie will be learning your style and needs and provide suggestions more suitable to your needs.

Can it help me accomplish something like writing a book?

Writing something like a book, highly depends on the structure, the story, the characters, etc. If you have a clear vision of what you want to write, GoCharlie can create inspirational material for brainstorming and to help you achieve high quality results.

What kind of content can GoCharlie create? Is it only for specific type?

GoCharlie can create virtually any type of content. Just pick your case, Input Description and Fetch the content. Content? Did we mention images too?

Does it provide sentences / suggestions based on keywords I provide.

Yes it does. Check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-QzGLkCE0g (this video is not from GoCharlie’s channel)

Why are some generated images static noise?

To prevent NSFW images from being generated, we implement a safety checker that returns an image as static noise if NSFW content is detected. This checker could be better and will occasionally detect innocent images as NSFW. We are working to improve its accuracy. If you have any feedback on false positives or related issues, please get in touch with us at support@gocharlie.ai

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