How much different than the competition is it?

How is this compared to other ‘similar’ AI Generators like Jarvis?

GoCharlie is  more of a Marketing assistant rather than just a copywriting AI. All our updates and communication with you is with Growth in mind. You will understand this right from the very start.

How does Charlie stack up against the competition?

There has been a recent explosion of AI Content Creation tools. We seek to differentiate through the following avenues:
1. Combining Visual and Text-Based needs: We aim to combine our best-in-industry image generation capabilities with our robust text-writing capabilities to allow you to create your content holistically.
2. Customized Product Experience for each user: Charlie learns your styles and adapts to your needs causing Charlie to become even more valuable the more you use him. We’ll soon introduce brand voice capabilities to fine-tune your own instance of Charlie.
3. Content Repurposing: We want you to be able to take your existing library and convert it into programmatic campaigns. We started with Youtube videos, but soon you’ll be able to add podcasts, articles, videos, and books and turn them into programmatic campaigns on the same topic
4. Fun: Any product worth using should be as fun as playing with a puppy. Whether it’s baconify mode, pirate tone, or Charlie’s cute animations, we want to make your content creation a FUN experience!
5. Content Scoring: What if you had a Grammarly-type tool to structure your content to engage? We built just that; it gets better the more you use it.
6. Quality: Our competitors are focused on saving you time by churning out a ton of generic content. We aim to save you time by creating high-quality content. That means near-perfect first drafts, fewer edits, and more time to focus on other parts of your business. Our AI scientists (that have PhDs!) are working 24/7 to improve the quality of Charlie constantly.

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