Is there a limit to how many words per month GoCharlie will create for me?

We have unlimited and limited packages. Please refer to our pricing plans to find out more. https://gocharlie.ai/pricing/ 

Can I generate thousands of blogs a day?

We have hourly and daily throttles to prevent bots or password sharing (see our Fair Usage Policy). We expect users to generate content at a reasonable human pace. If you are interested in generating thousands of articles a day we are happy to explore a custom pricing plan where we provide a dedicated AI for you to generate bulk content.

Can GoCharlie write a whole blog post over 500 words? Or what’s the limit per 1 “click ” of generated content?

Yes, Go Charlie can create blog posts over than 1000+ words with minimum input given from you. You can easily check it if you just try our ‘1 Click Blog’ button. The level % of uniqueness is not fairly high given on the amount of input that you need to provide in order to get suggestions. Just note that the more details you provide the more % you will get.

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