How much elaborated is the output GoCharlie creates? Will I get the optimal result depending on the type of copy I want to create?

You will be amazed by the quality of the output you will be getting. Our main objective is not just to create ‘cute’ suggestions, but material that will help your imagination to bloom and create your very own custom result. For this reason depending on the medium that you will be wanting to create material for, you will get high quality suggestions

Sometimes the result I am getting looks very flat and not elaborated.

While this is not something that happens with GoCharlie, everybody can have a bad day (yes even smart AIs like GoCharlie. Did you know that the first thing that AIs learn is that they can have a bad day too?). If the results you get are not of the usual quality  just add some more info of what you want GoCharlie to create and try again. If you still get poor quality suggestions, just let us know. Maybe GoCharlie got a bit sick and needs a bit of love and care to return back to the usual top notch performance.

How content is created? Is this a real AI or some predefined suggestions that display in random based on the input?

GoCharlie is bleeding edge generative language model AI. It creates high quality suggestions based on your input. The more you using it and the feedback you give to it on the suggestions you getting (thumbs up or down), the better these suggestions are getting.

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