Can I use the unlimited version on a monthly basis?

Yes we do have a package for unlimited monthly use. Please refer to our pricing plans to find out more https://gocharlie.ai/pricing/

Is the Fetch paid plan really unlimited? (this question already exists on the website)

Yes! There are no monthly word or image limits. You can generate millions of words. But users must follow our Fair Usage Policy. We disallow the use of bots or password sharing (e.g. a content farm) to use our platform to generate high volumes of content simultaneously through one account.

 How do you define Unlimited for Life? What if you sell or discontinue the service?

We do not plan to go away anytime soon… If you plan to use GoCharlie daily, the ‘Unlimited for life’ is by far the best choice you can make. In any case you can start with the monthly one, and jump to the Lifetime one when feeling ready to do so. Just keep in mind that we are currently running an offer on our lifetime plans. We highly insist that you take advantage of them. Believe us, you won’t regret it.

 Does the lifetime deal include all the future updates?

Yes, the lifetime deal includes everything that we currently offer and that we will be implementing in the future . Just so you know that we do not like to just sit around. Updates are constantly being implemented and relaxing in our comfort zone is not our way of living. So yes many new ideas are rising up almost daily on new features to implement.

What are the differences between the ‘Limited access’ and the ‘Unlimited’ one?

Unlimited is exactly what it says…Unlimited. Limited access has a limit on the numbers of Blogs / month, images created / month and Content Repurposing runs. Feel free to visit our pricing plans to find out more about the subscriptions we offer https://gocharlie.ai/pricing/

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