Creating an SMS Ad

Businesses can create engaging and persuasive SMS advertisements with SMS Ad. It is basically your Shortcut to Engaging Customers, by simplifying the process of crafting effective SMS ads to reach customers and enhance brand recognition.

 So, in a few words, SMS Ad enable businesses to create messages that drive sales and enhance their reputation.


Why this Feature

Businesses seeking effective customer outreach will find this feature invaluable. Using SMS marketing to connect with customers and achieve remarkable results is the new frontier. SMS Ad will increase sales, customer engagement, and brand visibility. 

Ιt's time for your business to shine!

Use Cases

Businesses in a variety of industries can benefit from SMS Ads.

SMS ads provide a direct and immediate way to connect with customers. By sending promotional messages to their mobile phones, businesses can engage with customers on a personal level.

SMS ads have the potential to ignite excitement among customers. Businesses can create a sense of urgency or exclusivity, encouraging customers to take advantage of limited-time offers and more.

By leveraging SMS ads, businesses can increase their visibility and become the talk of the town.

SMS ads can be beneficial for businesses across a variety of industries. Whether you run a trendy retail store, a restaurant with daily specials, or a service-based establishment, you can benefit.


How it Works

So, let’s see this awesome, SMS Ad tool in action!


First of all, select it from the features menu.

sms ad

Add your brand name and a little info about the type of ad you want to create

sms ad

Hit Ctrl+enter and watch magic happens

sms ad

Select the copy and paste it on the board on the right

sms ad

Edit it, expand it or rewrite it again until you’re satisfied with the result

sms ad