Get perpetual lifetime access to the GoCharlie Professional Tier, a single seat experience for users who need to create to grow their business.


Get perpetual access to Business tier for a single user, including all future updates, the powerful Memory Vault, Scheduler and more.
*note does not include API usage


Get perpetual access to Business tier for a 5 users, including all future updates, the powerful Memory Vault, Scheduler and more. Unleash the power of Charlie across your entire team, company or more. *note does not include API usage

Everything included: 

  • Existing Features of each tier
  • All future feature releases for each tier
  • Unlimited usage and/or equivalent usage
  • Seats for Business 5 seats


Q: How do I redeem?
A: Simply purchase sing the links above, and a member of our team will reach out to get you all squared away and confirm your account being setup

Q: Can I refund my purchase?
A: No. Given the volume of demand we have and the small team, we’ve created a free tier to test out the capabilities of the platform before purchasing.

Q: Can I get a free trial?
A: We offer 7 day free trials for Business 5 Seats, but please note the deal window may close before then so act quickly.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: Not directly, though you can create a card through Klarna and other payment services to use in our stripe database

Q: I have further questions, who can I contact?
A: Reach out to sales@gocharlie.ai with any questions you may have and someone will be back with you shortly

Q: How many LTDs are you selling?
A: We have limited number of each type of LTD that will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Depending on demand we may revise these amounts.

Q: I have previously purchased an LTD does this have an impact on me?
A: Thanks for being an early supporter! No, this does not impact you at all.

Q: I have previously purchased an LTD, can I buy another?
A: Of course!

Q: Why are you selling LTDs?
A: Previously we turned off LTDs, and were convinced by a few customers that we should open up a limited window deal for those that missed out last time.

Q: Do I get access to all new features?
A: Yes. As always there may be some future features we develop that simply are not sustainable in a lifetime deal format, but we have kept to our word in the pass to grant all new features to all our LTD purchasers, and are proud to have kept to that promise.

Q: Is there anything not included in the LTDs?
A: The only thing specifically excluded is API costs as this is on a per request basis and not yet publicly available beyond some beta users. This will continue to be a pay as you go setup, but pricing available to you for API usage is less for Business tier per request than it is for Pro Tier.

Q: I bought a pro LTD, but I really want to now buy a Business Pass, can I upgrade?
A: Reach out to Sales@gocharlie.ai and we’ll get you squared away.

Q: Can my Virtual Assistant use my Pro or Business Single Seat account?
A: Each account is for one seat and meant to be used by the email tied to it. 

Any further questions, reach out to Sales@gocharlie.ai