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Sounds pretty great doesn't it? Here are the answers to our commonly asked questions.

You own everything you generate through GoCharlie, and you can use any generated copy or images for personal or commercial purposes.

GoCharlie.ai is an online app you can access through your browser at dashboard.gocharlie.ai. GoCharlie is not on the Apple App Store or Google Play yet, but the online app is mobile-friendly to create content on your phone or tablet.

We do not have a refund policy, but we have a free forever plan with all the same features as the paid version, so you can try GoCharlie before you pay.


Yes! No credit card required. You can use all of GoCharlie’s features for free forever. The main difference with our paid Fetch plan is that the free plan is limited to how many words or images you can generate per hour.

Yes! There are no monthly word or image limits. But users must follow our Fair Usage Policy. We disallow the use of bots or password sharing (e.g. a content farm) to use our platform to generate high volumes of content simultaneously through one account.


Charlie has been trained  across many use cases. Anyone can use GoCharlie from content creators, students, and copywriters. We believe GoCharlie is especially helpful to social media marketers, blog writers, and digital marketing agencies.

As you rate Charlie’s outputs with a thumbs up or thumbs down after each generation, these ratings are fed back into training data for updates to Charlie. We retrain Charlie periodically so that he’s continuing to improve the content he generates for you.

GoCharlie.ai Mobile View

Charlie is just like any other puppy, and will follow you anywhere you go. All of his tricks are available on your favorite mobile device!