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GoCharlie — Release Notes

V 1.3.4 Updates - Jan 1, 2024

New Year, New you, Better Charlie, Better results for your company.

We started 2024 off with launching V1.3.4. This update lays the foundation for building an understanding of your business goals, product catalog, vision and mission into the core product experience. This update is the first part of a larger customization suite that makes Charlie your newest member of the team. Charlie will be able to act autonomously, use tools, support and make decisions, and retrieve critical information at lightspeed all while maintaining a knowledge of your business and objectives; a true AI Teammate.

A summary of the updates are below, and here’s to a great 2024!

  • Chat UI has been released and refined
    • Simply click Charlie’s face to access the chat interface and talk with Charlie to get what you need using all the incredible capabilities of the instruct agent in conversational format.
  • Charlie can code!
    • You can now ask Charlie to write code for you, powered by Charlie 1’s capabilities. Code syntax is also highlighted in Chat 
  • Custom Instructions available in the Knowledge Base: Train Charlie to your company’s needs and tailor Charlie’s responses
    • Company Profile: Training Charlie to be your new AI teammate has never been easier, in fact it’s easier than training a real puppy. Custom instructions allow you to provide perpetual knowledge of your business’ goals, mission, vision and product catalog for Charlie to consider for each task to be completed
    • Response Instructions: No more “as a large language model I cannot…”. You can now adjust how Charlie responds. Want Charlie to create things in consideration of specific brand rules, keywords, or voice? Drop these instructions into the Response instructions and watch Charlie create magic
  • Custom responses can be changed in and out at any time: You can turn custom instructions on and off for each prompt using the drop downs in the menu. Choose instructions you’ve created or turn them off for a specific prompt
  • Suggested Prompts UI has been revamped
    • Many users have asked for more templates, so we’ve revamped the templated prompts section. Now you can click on prompts in the UI to auto populate a prompt to run.
    • Add additional context to the preset prompt to really explore Charlie’s capabilities of combining tools, or use any prompt you see fit
  • New Suggested Prompt Templates
    • We’ve added a number of suggested prompt templates focusing on:
      • Generating images in the right aspect ratio for your needs
      • Having Charlie research and create from that research
      • Transcribing audio into useful info, blogs, posts and more
  • Last prompt dropdown in Content Editor
    • We’ve returned the last prompt used button to the Instruct Agent

Bugs Charlie Ate (Bug Fixes):

  • Business tier UI bug fix so that UI correctly acknowledges Business Tier
  • Chat UI enhancements/Bug fixes across the board to improve performance and accuracy of chat

V 1.3.2 Updates - Dec 23, 2023

The team wanted to give you guys a little gift going Into the holidays. V 1.3 is now live, and has a whole host of updates. Check out the video for a walkthrough of these, but release notes below.

Even If you’re not celebrating this holiday, from the GoCharlie team a huge thank you to @everyone for the support In 2023. 2024 will see a huge leap In Charlie’s capabilities, and that means more success for you all as a result.

See you in the New Year, and as always, Thanks for Going Charlie.

Release Notes:
  • Charlie chat is now available in the home screen and across all projects (click the Charlie face In the main screen to open to enable Iterative workflows with Charlie)
  • Charlie chat can do nearly every task possible by Charlie, but now retains context in a conversational chat
  • Added copy html button in the command bar for instruct agent/RTE experience
  • Increased size of text editing area by removing last prompt heading
  • Added job tracking system for multi-output job tracking (Check top of left panel when generating multi output)
  • Expansion of Charlie unleashed capabilities and improved accuracy of command following for Charlie unleashed to allow faster response time and expanded command honoring
  • Quicker response times for Charlie unleashed
  • Removal of local prompt bar

V 1.2.15 Updates - Nov 27, 2023

We’ve pushed another update to the platform, most of which focused on updating the infrastructure that serves you and improves the relability of the system in high traffic situations (which thankfully keep occuring). From a product experience perspective the big addition is:

  • User Prompt Template Creation and Saving: Many of you have asked for a way to import prompts, save prompts you like, or have a bank of prompts you use on a regular basis readily accessible. Now you can do this by simply clicking the bulleted list button in the bottom right hand corner of the prompt box and add details
To Save a prompt, simply click the + button, enter your prompt and save. You can add several prompts to this list, and add [placholder] to use this prompt across a bunch of different inputs.

Other updates:
– Backend log issue causing slowdown in requests was resolved

– More details on memory vault introduced to the UI in preparation of this release

– Setup for Chrome Extension go live put into place

V 1.2.6 Updates - Nov 21, 2023

We’re pushing additional updates to the platform to help with usability, sharing your creations, walk you through the product, and give you opportunities for free Charlie.

  • Assets for Prompts: Assets used alongside your prompt’s text are now visible in Last Prompt Area, and can quickly be referenced to run the prompt using the gradient up arrow
  • Share your creations: You can now copy an assets URL and share with friends. Perfect for sharing Charlie created holiday cards
  • Download Asset for images, memes, gifs now available in the image editor screen
  • Free Charlie with Friends: In addition to being able to share your creations with friends, you can invite them through the Invite a Friend tab of your profile. For each 5 successful referrred signups you will receive a free month of Charlie pro.
  • First Time and returning users will now get a walkthrough that guides them through the platform’s components
  • Asset Browser Walkthrough added to walk users through the different functionalities available In the image editor space
  • Knowledge Library Walkthrough added to show users how to reference old prompts, leverage existing assets, and make updates to uploaded Information.

Other updates:

App Metadata preview has been updated to include gif of functionality for sharing with others

We are standing up a separate release notes page to house these updates, but will continue to share them with you here.

As always, these updates are also available via our YouTube channel

V 1.2.5 Updates - Nov 15, 2023

So we’ve added 15K users in the last week, and wanted to celebrate with you all by releasing a bunch of new updates. You can check though them all in the attached video, but read below for further details.

  1. Charlie has memory of you via the Knowledge Base: Click the books in the top left corner to access your Knowledge base. The knowledge base houses 3 discrete sections: Prompt Library, Asset Library and Voice.

1a. Prompt Library: See all previous prompts you’ve used through the launch of the agent. You can copy past prompts, or click the gradient arrow to automatically populate a fresh project prompt. You can also search through prompts using specific keywords

1b. Asset Library: Here you can access all assets you’ve created AND uploaded for all time. Want to find an asset without having to go through projects? Simply search by filetype or prompt used. From here you can also click into your images and…

  1. Charlie built himself an Image Editing Platform: You’ve been asking for a bit more control for AI images, and Charlie is Delivering. You can now layer text over image assets, crop images, change aspect ratio, add stickers, change resolution, add filters and more. Simply click an image from your asset library or in project to start making edits.
  1. Help with Prompts: When you click add content within a project you’ll now see tiles to utilize some of Charlie’s most common tools. Simply click a tile and it will populate a prompt ready to execute. Feel free to add more context to get Charlie moving towards a perfect draft
  1. Project Contents Visibility: On the main screen, you can now see the type of content each project contains using the icons, and how much content each project has. Use this to quickly Identify your past project by scrolling or using search
  1. Output Editing area now expanded: We’ve expanded the text editing area to be wider screen, and a number of collapsible components to output cards to make more room on mobile and desktop for you to work with Charlie

Other updates:

– Fixed mobile list scrolling bug that selected something instead of scrolling in output list

– Landing Page now has a prompt widget

– Text Editor Body font style bug fixed

– Audio transcriptions for uploaded audio/video files and using these as inputs not correctly work and stabilized

– Hollistic Performance Improvements on the backend for all things AI generation

– Expanded capacity for models with massive Increase in total customers/users on a daily basis

V 1.1.0 Updates - Sept 27, 2023


New Features

  • Charlie gets cozy with YouTube: Youtube URLs, including shorts and those without closed captioning, can now be transcribed and utilized as inputs.
    • Simply paste the URL
    • Note: This does not yet interact with the blog capabilities, but this is being updated in future pushes
  • Charlie took some painting classes: Make your next masterpiece worth of being hung in an art museum. Charlie’s Image Generation capabilities got a MAJOR upgrade. The Agent writes prompts based on your ask in the background, but more context improves quality of outputs
    • Default image aspect ratio is square
    • Landscape or Horizontal: Aspect Ratio Landscape or Portrait, OR facebook story
    • Instagram Story, Landscape, Portrait use this different aspects but don’t always work
  • But like alot of painting classes: Aspect Ratios for Images: You can generate images in different aspect ratio, simply add “in the aspect ratio of a facebook cover photo” or “instagram reel” and watch Charlie create in the proper format for your needs
  • Charlie is safe to let off the leash: Take Charlie off the leash with Charlie Unleashed, a new in context text editor (My most anticipated part of this release). Simply highlight text, and use one of the preset functions or enter your own:
    • Write More: Keeps original text, adds more
    • Rewrite: Rewrite the text
    • Trim: Chop down the text with varying degrees of severity
    • Open Commands to stretch the imagination: “Change the tone to be more fun”
    • This will eventually extend to unleashing Charlie in a chrome extension
  • Charlie learned to transcribe: Audio & Video files may be used as an input and transcribed
    • Simply type “Transcribe” or “Transcribe this media/file”  with an uploaded audio/video file within your prompt to consider this context
    • Note: Transcriptions caps out at 10K characters as of now, we will look to expand this as the platform stabilizes and we introduce additional tiers.
  • Those goggles aren’t just to look cute, Charlie can see: See the world through Charlie’s eyes, with Charlie Vision. We’ve improved the vision capabilities of Charlie to understand images and write captions that can be utilized to write product descriptions
    • Charlie can now write captions about images you upload, great for creating product description
    • Works best when using product images or your own stock photography, but text will likely not get picked up as well from an image
  • Charlie learned to read PDFs and Docs…no he still can’t do your taxes: PDF/Doc File Uploading and interpretation has improved dramatically
    • To utilize PDFs/Docs as reference, ensure your prompt includes a reference to the file type
    • Note: Files do not persist in subsequent edit prompts
  • Refresh your old content using a blank RTE: Users can now summon an empty Text Editor in a project to paste in old content and use Charlie to refresh it using content repurposing and other input tools. Simply click the + button with a quill next to it while in a project

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved suggested prompts, added more prompts, added blog prompts to sample, and added a search functionality
  • Content type icons in the project panel with improved descriptions and status indicators: So Pretty!
  • Speed improvements across the platform for generating all you need at Charlie Fetch Pace
  • Billing Page Refreshed for better clarity and include upcoming business tier
  • Enhancements to content cards to include a large gallery for images in outputs so you can better view your next Mona Lisa
  • File upload expansion to include audio/video/image files so your possibilities for inspiration are endless
  • Ability to download images in the UI rather than right click to save, send it to your friends faster
  • Media viewing enhancements within the UI
  • Can Minimize/Maximize the Text Editor area for super mega ultra wide screen UI
  • Users can now upgrade from monthly to annual plans easier within the stripe interface (just in time for the last few weeks of promotional pricing)
  • Auth issues largely resolved, passcode option added to help improve successful logins